Jack Lifton

Jack Lifton

Jack Lifton was a co-founder of Technology Metals Research. He is a consultant, author, and lecturer on the market fundamentals of the technology metals, the term that he coined to describe those strategic rare metals whose electronic properties make our technological society possible. These include the rare earths, lithium and most of the rare metals.

Educated as a physical chemist, specializing in high-temperature metallurgy, Jack was first a researcher before becoming both a marketing and manufacturing executive. Finally, he became a metal trader specializing in the field of technology metals and of rare metals.

Today, after more than 55 years of industry involvement, he advises both OEM high tech industry and the global institutional-investment community, on the natural-resource issues that impact either a proposed business model or a high-volume manufacturing plan for the mass market.

His work today is principally as a due-diligence consultant for institutional investors via his firm Jack Lifton LLC, looking into opportunities where rare and technology metals availability are a factor in determining the probability of commercial success of a metals-related venture.

Email: jacklifton-(at)-gmail.com [replace the -(at)- with @].

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