May 2014 Updates To The TMR Advanced Graphite Projects Index

by Gareth Hatch on June 15, 2014 · 2 comments

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I recently updated the TMR Advanced Graphite Projects Index, to reflect the addition of a mineral-resource estimate since the last update. The effective date of the updates is June 14, 2014. The specifics:

  • On August 26, 2013, Monax Mining Limited (ASX:MOX) announced a maiden JORC-compliant resource estimate for its Wilclo South graphite deposit, part of the Waddikee Graphite Project in Australia. According to the associated news release, 6.8 Mt of the resource is at the Inferred level @ 8.8% Cg, at a 5% Cg cut-off grade. On May 21, 2014, Archer Exploration Limited (ASX:AXE) announced the purchase of the Waddikee project from Monax, including the Wilclo deposit.

You can access the updated details via the Index page.

The Index currently consists of 28 graphite mineral resources, associated with 25 advanced graphite projects19 companies and located within 8 countries. Including the projects on the Index, TMR is currently monitoring a total of 303 graphite projects under development associated with 137 companies in 27 countries.

Disclosure: at the time of writing, Gareth Hatch holds no shares or stock options in any of the companies mentioned in this article, or in any publicly traded graphite company, nor is he doing paid consulting for any such company.

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1 Gennady June 15, 2014 at 11:53 PM

Hello, Gareth

We found the area
Nb-(40.3-9.3), W >24, S >12, La-(7.0-4.4), Ce-4.0, +U-8.5, Th-5.8, Na-4.4, +K-2.4, P-3.3, Fe-3.0, Rb-3.0, Ge >2, Sn-2.3, Y-1.9)
Analogs can be
– S.Dakota (Keystone)-Columbit -(Fe, Mn) (Nb,Ta)206
– California (Benitoite Gem mine)- Joaquinite –Ba2 Na Ce2 Fe(Ti, Nb)2 (OH, F) H2
– Arkansas (SM quarry, Little Rock) – Kupletskite (K, Na)3 (Mn, Fe)7 (Ti, Nb)2 Si8 O24 (O,OH)
– Canada: (Mont St. Hilaire)–Labuntsovite (K, Ba, Na)8 (Ti,Nb)9 (SiO3)16 (O,OH)10 nH2O +
Nenadkevichite (Na,Ca,K)(Nb,Ti)Si2 O6 (O,OH) 2H2 O;
?????? ??????, ?????-????? (4,5 ??? ? ????, 0,7 – 1.06% Nb2 O5).
neighbor- Washington Pass (Washington):
– Beta-fergusonite (Ce, La, Nd) NbO4
– Allanite (Ce,La,Y)2 (Al, Fe,Fe)3 (SiO4)3 (OH)
– Bastnesite (Ce,La) (CO3)F in Ca F2
– Chevkinite (Ca, Ce, Th)4 (Fe,Mg)2 (Ti,Fe)3 Si4 O22
– Gadolinite (Ce, La, Nd, Y)2 FeBe2 Si2 O10
– Kainosite Ca2 (Y, Ce)2 Si4 O12 (CO3) H2 O
– Okanoganite (Na, Ca)3 (Y, Ce)12 Si6 B2 O27 F14

Graphite can be found in the BC (?anada):
1 – There are deposits of coal
2 – There are skarns, gneiss, syenite …
3 – There are minerals satellites – pyrite (0.3%), garnet (1.1-26.7%), diopside (0.6-15.6%),
magnetite (0.9-64.4%).
4 – oldest finds: , ,
5 – Graphite are in the Pacific ore ring- China -40-45%, Korea, Russia, Canada, Mexico.
Need revision BC, Yukon, Alaska and $299 000

2 Sam Bartone June 19, 2014 at 7:23 AM

Hi Gareth, thanks for the update. I was wondering if you had any personal opinion as to which ASX (Australian) listed Graphite Company has the greatest chance of success. The Graphite sector is getting quite crowded and was hoping you could shine a bit of a torch on it. Thanks and looking forward to your reply.

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