Rare-Earth Metals: More Dramatic Export Cuts To Come

by Admin on December 29, 2010 · 1 comment

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Earlier today Jack Lifton was interviewed by Reuters on the subject of the recent rare-earths export quotas.

The video clip can be viewed here or by clicking the image below:

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1 robert olson January 9, 2011 at 10:59 PM

What is China’s 5 Year Plan to stop China Rare Earth exports to foreign countries/companies?

Are we already in Year 2?

What year does the Chinese Rare Earth spigot close tightly: 2013? 2014?

Why does China sell any foreigner any raw rare earth at “cabbage prices”?

Why doesn’t China use all of their rare earth metals to manufacture high tech rare earth products such as wind turbines, hybrid cars, smart bombs and sell them at a much higher price?

Why does the “developed” countries/companies look at the glass 35 percent empty, when the glass is currently 65 percent full.

Isn’t China methodically allowing the rest of the world to prepare for the new reality? Find your own rare earths; We (China) intend to use all of our own?

What are the large developed countries/companies willing to pay for secure rare earth resources?

“Whatever it takes” comes to mind.

What will Lynas and Molycorp receive for their rare earths next year? Cabbage prices or premium prices?

Tiny Australian and Canadian companies with the heavies: Northern Uranium, Arafura, Alkane, Greenland, Great Western, Avalon, U-Core. How tiny will their market caps be in 24 months?

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