February 2011 Updates To the TMR Advanced Rare-Earth Projects Index

by Gareth Hatch on February 19, 2011 · 2 comments

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I’ve recently made some updates to the metrics that make up the TMR Advanced Rare-Earth Projects Index. Specifically:

  • Elemental composition data for Cummins Range has been updated to reflect updated data requested and received from its operator;
  • The data for Mountain Pass was switched from Proven & Probable mineral reserves, to 43-101-compliant Measured, Indicated and Inferred mineral resource estimates, to allow for better comparisons with the other projects in the Index;
  • The data for Nechalacho / Thor Lake was updated to reflect a recently published increased resource estimate, a switch from mineral reserve to mineral resource data, and to include both the Upper and Basal Zones for the project;
  • The data for Steenkampskraal was updated to reflect some of the detail in a recent SRK report which was published on the project;
  • An updated resource estimate was published recently for Zeus / Kipawa, so this data set has been updated;
  • The values for the in-situ TREO and basket price metrics were updated for all projects.

That’s it for now. We’ll keep you posted of other updates as we make them.

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1 Alexander February 20, 2011 at 4:18 AM

Good Morning,

In the last version from january, Jack was long in GWG. Right now he is not. Want he be more objective or why ? I ask you, as a GWG Investor. Thanks.

2 Don Olson February 24, 2011 at 5:15 PM

With the highest score going to Stans Energy in your latest update of your Value Index, how do you rate Stans as a potential buy at this time.

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